Element Labs, Inc. recently announced the release of Versa™ TUBE, an LED-based light tube controlled by a video signal. This cutting-edge product gives designers unrivaled content creation capabilities with an expansive color range and high light output. The introduction of Versa TUBE solidifies Element Labs’ reputation as a supplier of innovative LED products to the entertainment, architecture, and signage industries.

“There’s been much interest in the LED tube concept, but Versa TUBE is the first product that truly delivers on the vision,” commented Nils Thorjussen, President of Element Labs Inc. “This has been made possible by adapting proven Versa TILE technology for the tube. The result is an exceptionally bright product with the same broad color range.”

Control is easily handled via the standard Versa Drive video processor, so there are no constraints on the looks that can be programmed. From vibrant patterns to organic flows, the tubes come to life with flowing, ebbing streams of colored light.

Versa TUBE features 16 pixels per meter controllable by a Versa DRIVE D1 video processor. The unit is rated IP66 and has a built-in power supply.

Preproduction units of Versa TUBE were recently on display at the retail stores of Apple Computer to help launch the iPod Mini. A large array of the product is also currently being used on the German production of Saturday Night Fever.