Italian soul singer Giorgia recently completed a 16-date tour in Italy during November and December. The tour took its name from her latest album Ladra di Vento (Thief of the Wind). Produced by d’Alessandro & Galli, the concert features a large central staircase and three-level set designed by Vince Foster, who was also responsible for the design of the spectacular LED display.

The Lighthouse LED screens, showing a combination of recorded footage, graphics and live shots from five cameras, was a major component of the Giorgia show, due to the unusual screen configuration. The backdrop consisted of a truss structure from which 11 Lighthouse 192 x 144cm LVP 1010C LED screens were flown; but, instead of one large projection area, the screens were used in a chequered formation, with the space in between the screens occupied by lighting fixtures.

EUROVIDEO was responsible for the video staging, with a five-strong team led by Francesco de Re; and the imaginative configuration enabled them to achieve some striking visual effects. Owner of EUROVIDEO, Mario Prataviera, explained: "When used with one large projection, this configuration gives the effect of the images ‘exploding’, as the first screen projects from pixel 1 to 192 and, although there’s a gap between it and the second, the latter reproduces from pixel 193 to 384 of the image, and so on." Other effects used during the show include 11 single screens; an ‘exploded’ image on the six centre screens with the other five being used as single units; or six individual screens running diagonally across the display.

A Global Stream GlobeCaster 8000 digital video mixer sent signals to the Electrosonic VECTOR™ image processor which was equipped with six input and three output cards. The VECTOR system controlled the effects and fed them to two Lighthouse LIP SX units, which in turn controlled the 99 Lighthouse LVP10C modules that formed the screens.

The Electrosonic C-THROUGH™ software allows the easy splitting of the video images to ensure that the correct part of the video source appears in exactly the right place on the LED display.

EUROVIDEO uses VECTOR because of its multiple input/output functionality, and the power of C-THROUGH for programming creative display formats, like the Giorgia Tour set. This gives them a big advantage over other rental companies that just supply simple more traditional "big picture" style LED displays.