Audio-visual systems company Electrosonic Systems, Inc. (Electrosonic) has launched its Managed Media Services division, a mass HD video distribution system for corporate and entertainment clients. Based at Electrosonic’s Burbank facility, Managed Media Services enables the reproduction of recorded HD content to a predefined schedule or per local demand to fulfill clients’ advertising, information and training needs.

“The technologies to distribute video content are sufficiently developed to provide an easy-to-use and cost-effective system supplying targeted high-definition video to dozens if not thousands of remote locations which can be individually scheduled to deal with local time constraints,” notes business development manager John Mayberry, who joined Electrosonic to start the division. “What Managed Media Services does is effectively create an upscale, controlled-destination narrowcasting system delivering HD content to mass audiences.” Mayberry sees the division as a logical extension of the proven technology Electrosonic developed to deliver HD content to thousands of movie screens across the United States.

Since it changes the way content is created and delivered, Managed Media Services offers the potential to change the in-store shopping and airport experience, the way corporations communicate with their employees and customers, and how and what people see at museums, zoos and theme parks.

“There is significant market demand for a High Definition, networked video presentation system for distributed environments,” Mayberry points out. “Electrosonic is in the unique position of having already developed such a system. With Managed Media Services, we’re building on that system to offer the same impressive potential to a wide array of business and consumer applications.”

Mayberry has over 20 years consulting in the audio/video industry, having been involved in major theme park, television network, transportation, telephony, and retail entertainment projects in North America, Europe, and Asia. He is a member of ASA, SMPTE, and AES. His monthly columns can be read in Systems Contractor News.