Doug Fleenor Design

introduces the Pork Chopper, an economical way to increase the total number of control channels of a High End Systems/Flying Pig Systems, Wholehog II console. The Pork Chopper decodes the special Overdrive signal that three of the four output ports are capable of producing. When connected to an output port producing Overdrive, Pork Chopper decodes the signal into two DMX512 universes. Connecting Pork Choppers to three output ports increases Wholehog II channel capacity from 2,048 to 3,584 channels. That's an additional 1,536 channels!

The hub of the front wheel, of a very clever logo, is the power LED

DMX isolator mode allows Pork Chopper to act as a DMX512 isolated splitter when the Overdrive signal is not present. LEDs indicate the presence of DMX512 or Overdrive signals on the input port, as well as mimic the intensity of channels 1 and 513 to aid in trouble shooting. The tenth-inch powder coated aluminum chassis is built tough for years of service. One or two Pork Choppers can be mounted in a single rack space with optional rack kits.

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