Blue Man Group is incorporating High End Systems' DL1 Digital Light fixtures and Catalyst v3 Media Servers into their new theatrical production in Berlin.

Eight DL1s and four Catalyst v3 Media Servers are gearing up to enhance the permanent show opening May 9 in the Potsdamer Platz Theatre. The show--promising new material along with classic Blue Man moments--is set for an indefinite run. Flashlight in the Netherlands is providing the HES gear.

Production designer and LD Marc Brickman couldn't comment on details of the show design, as he is still in the early phases of creation with Blue Man founders Chris Wink, Phil Stanton, and Matt Goldman, along with associate designer Marc Janowitz and Artistic/Video Director Caryl Glaab. However, he was excited about using new digital lighting technology.

"The DL1s are brighter than I previously thought," Brickman says. "The idea is to enhance the overall production. They work great and it's exciting pushing the technology to the limits on this show." Brickman has been a creative consultant to the Blue Man Group for a year and a half.

Catalyst v3 Media Server and DL1 is the revolutionary fusion of lighting and digital media. The ability to use these products together to create lighting, video projection as well as digital scenery makes them the next big thing in creative tools for production.

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