Building upon the success of its LD Assistant software, Design and Drafting today announced that it has licensed Pathport Ethernet data protocol from Pathway Connectivity.

“Adding Pathway Connectivity’s Pathport protocol to Design & Drafting’s Autodesk OEM product, LD Assistant, gives users the ability to communicate to any device attached to the systems network," says Rufus Warren, president of Design & Drafting. "By plugging a computer into the network via an Ethernet port, this allows the CAD program--LD Assistant or AutoCAD w/LD Assistant--to communicate with and control any of the devices while monitoring the progress from a remote location from within the CAD program in real time.

David Mollner, president of DMLDC says: "Working with moving light fixtures is a big part of our business, and being able to control them from a remote location and see it all happen in real time on our computers saves us both time and money. We especially like not having to send someone to the location to move the fixtures by hand. We can move the lighting to the correct location for a particular event and never have to leave our CAD station."