d&b audiotechnik announces a new distribution partner, Stage AudioWorks, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

"We started in business seventeen years ago", says Stage Audio Works founder Will Deysel. "Back then there was no one providing a repair service for loudspeaker systems, spares from overseas were just not available, so I started the country's first domestic re-cone and repair company, making everything ourselves."

Deysel, a sound engineer, soon found a demand for his business, "It grew and grew, I now have good, well established partners in the three main cities of Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape town; the downside is I no longer get much chance to engineer, but I still do bits and pieces to keep my ear in." Keeping his ear in is what led Deysel to d&b audiotechnik, "I'd noticed more and more technical riders coming from Europe and the US asking for d&b so in the last year I began to talk with visiting engineers about these systems. The more I learned the more I realised how unique it all is; ROPE C; one amplifier that can drive everything; systems integration. It's just what the sound companies I work with are looking for."

Stage Audio Works' commitment is shown by the fact that Will Deysel and his technical manager Victor Pienaar have already attended the Q-Series system training in d&b's hometown Backnang in Germany, soon to be followed by Zane Abass and Gustav Barnard who will be attending the servicing and system training.

Stage Audio Works has twenty-one employees, with a regular freelance staff of thirty. The company provides full system solutions (making cables, multicores, mains distribution etc), a local equipment rental service, and also represents leading lighting manufacturers as well as microphone, sound processing, and audio desk manufacturers. Besides South Africa, Stage Audio Works also covers neighboring Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland.