Creative Technology (CT) has recently added multiple Vista Systems Montage video processors to its staging arsenal, one of the most impressive in the business. The company will be employing the revolutionary new system to create high-end, multi-image presentations for a myriad of industries and applications.

“Creative Technology has always been one of our core customers,” commented Vista Systems’ President, Clark Williams. “They are one of our early adopter customers, which as a group set the pace for the rental and staging industry as a whole. We expect that they will find new and innovative applications for Montage and continue to push us to ensure that it addresses the evolving needs of the industry.”

Creative Technology is an international audio-visual solutions provider. The company specializes in multi-camera production, LED indoor/outdoor displays, plasma displays, audio systems and video and computer projection. Their technical expertise is commonly applied to corporate and entertainment events, general sessions, tradeshows, concerts, seminars, satellite uplinks, webcasts and teleconferences. CT has multiple, full service offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London and Stuttgart.

“Creative Technology continually strives to not only keep up with our client’s imaginations, but to exceed their expectations,” commented Graham Andrews, Chief Executive Officer, Creative Technology. We’ve pushed existing technology to its limits and now, with Montage, we’ll be able to provide the sophisticated alpha-channel based keying, the DVE-like PiP moves and the pixel-perfect resolution that our clients demand. With this system, we now have the ability to produce multi-screen shows that exceed broadcast in image quality and creativity.”

Montage is a video processing and windowing system designed by Vista Systems specifically to offer an uncompromising solution for seamless widescreen and multi-display applications. The system uses a new advanced architecture that creates “virtual displays” inside the Montage processor that are much higher resolution than any single display device can handle. Inputs can be windowed anywhere in the virtual display and can even overlap each other. Outputs, which can be projectors, LED walls, video walls, recording devices, operators monitors, etc., can view any portion of the virtual display. Outputs can overlap horizontally or vertically with 10-bit edge and blending and black level compensation and can be generated in component and analog HD, SDI, DVI or HD-SDI and analog computer formats to 2048x1200.

Over the past four years, Vista Systems switchers have become the industry standard for live multiple-destination video and data mixed signal switching. For more information on Vista Systems, visit their website at >.

For more information on Creative Technology and their capabilities, contact Sandra DeMonde, Director of Marketing, at 818-464-7500 or visit their web site at >.