A new temple built in the traditional Indian style of Jain architecture was consecrated in London in August 2005. UK-based Creative Staging supported the 10 days of opening celebrations of the Oshwal Jain Temple, during which thousands of Jains came to celebrate.

In order to cater for such numbers, Creative Staging installed sound and video projection equipment in adjacent large marquees, so that everyone could see and hear the ceremonies as they took place. The Barco projectors with Sony cameras, and the Bose sound system installed by Creative Staging ensured that each visitor was able to fully share in the occasion.

The Oshwal Jain Temple is located in the Oshwal Center, Potters Bar in Hertfordshire and will be used by the 30,000 Jains living in London. The building is a temple of worship for Jains, an ancient religion from India. According to Rex Shah, of the Oshwal Association, the temple is unique in the UK. "The dome engraved with deities is the only one built in that style," he says.

An Indian architect designed the building, which took eight years to complete, and craftsmen in India carved the stones used. Twenty Indian stonemasons came to work with British architects, engineers, and building contractors. The building was constructed in 18 months at a cost of £3.6 million.