Join two-time Parnelli Award-winning lighting/production designer Seth Jackson for a full-day investigation of Concert Lighting 101: Art & Practice on Thursday, October 18 at LDI2012 in Las Vegas. Everything you always wanted to know about a career in concert design but were afraid to ask...

Associate designer (and Redden Award winner) with Steve Cohen for Star Wars In Concert, designer of eight world tours for Toby Keith, and creative director for Selena Gomez, Jackson has also designed for to Alice Cooper, Don Henley, Carrie Underwood, Jason Mraz, Melissa Etheridge, Hillary Duff, and director of Barry Manilow: Music & Passion in Las Vegas. He is currently designing the Muny Opera's summer season and is an assistant professor of Design at Webster University's Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

Concert Design 101: Art & Practice:
Morning Session: An overview of basic concert lighting techniques. Examine how to break down a moving light rig into useable segments, and discuss the organization and cue management of a system to create looks that are defined and specific, instead of just letting the effects engine run free.

Afternoon Session: Advanced concepts in concert lighting design and the integration of video. A discussion about the integration of video control, surfaces and manipulation, as well as adapting a live show's lighting to enhance the video without losing the dramatic intensity of the design. To finish out the day, discussions on moving scenery and trussing, and general trends in LED technology, and where might concert design evolve over the next decade.

Target Audience: This course is primarily for young LDs and programmers who are just stepping into this world, and college students who have a strong leaning to the concert field.

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