Compulite Systems, a lighting control equipment manufacturer, recently renewed its presence in the US in the form of Compulite USA, a wholly owned subsidiary.

“This is a key stage in the implementation of the company's growth strategy, and overall mission.” says Ohad Ashery, Compulite’s VP of marketing and business development. Back in the mid 1990s, Compulite was known for its brands in moving light control in North America such as the award-winning Animator, Spark, and Sabre consoles. Since then the company has focused resources on the European market. Compulite is now focusing on the North American market, offering a wide range of lighting control consoles, dimming systems, and networking accessories.

“Naturally, we see huge potential in the North American market,” Ashery comments. “Compulite has always been known for it’s outstanding responsiveness to customers, and the new subsidiary will enhance our ability not only to sell, but also to provide follow-up services such as training and support to our customers in the US.”

Located in Wallingford, CT, Compulite USA will establish a network of regional and local representatives across the US. Compulite USA will not, however, operate in Canada, where the company is represented by Erikson Pro.