Color Kinetics Inc. has been awarded its fifth US patent (#6,292,901). This newest patent covers the company's Smartjuice™ intelligent power technology and encompasses methods and systems for multiplexing power and data over conventional wiring, allowing for control of intelligent digital light fixtures. Color Kinetics® Smartjuice technology can be found in the company's Juice Box product, which is used to enable advanced control of the company's iColor® MR lamps.

Smartjuice is a new technology for lighting control and design options in many environments including retail, architectural, and residential. Smartjuice technology multiplexes power and data on one wire so that data can be delivered over existing wiring, eliminating the need for separate wires, for intelligent control of digital lamps with an easy, clean installation.

Color Kinetics co-founder and CEO George Mueller comments, "Along with the other patents we've received, this newest patent strengthens and solidifies Color Kinetics' intellectual property portfolio, allowing us to extend our reach into new markets." Color Kinetics' first patent (#6,016,038) for Chromacore was awarded in early 2000, and the company has since added four additional patents to its holdings (#6,150,774; #6,166,496; #6,211,626; and #6, 292,901) with 69 US and international patents pending.

Color Kinetics has quickly become the leader of a completely new way of lighting--full spectrum digital lighting--based on the company's flagship Chromacore® technology. Chromacore utilizes microprocessor-controlled multicolored LEDs to generate over 16.7 million colors and a variety of color-changing effects. In addition to providing an unlimited design palette, Color Kinetics digital lighting products offer an ultra-long source life, low power consumption, extremely little heat generation, no noise production, and no UV emission.