LED manufacturer Color Kinetics Incorporated has announced the expansion of its intellectual property holdings with the issuance of two U.S. patents. This brings the company's total to 15 issued U.S. and international patents. The new patents encompass methods pertaining to the control of solid-state illumination products as well as lighting fixture design.

"These latest achievements are a testament to both the engineering talent and system design expertise of the Color Kinetics team, and we're thrilled with the continued recognition of these inventions by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office," said George Mueller, chairman and CEO, Color Kinetics. "The company is committed to building a solid intellectual property portfolio that strengthens our position in the fast growing market for solid-state illumination and opens up entirely new applications for digitally controlled light."

U.S. Patent number 6,528,954 is a utility patent called "Smart Light Bulb" that covers retrofit LED-based lamps that have a user interface to control color-changing effects, including full-spectrum color-changing effects as well as color temperature change in white light. The lights may also be configured to control other external systems.

U.S. Patent number D468,035 is a design patent called "Lighting Fixture" that covers a linear, architectural lighting system in various lengths with a housing for indoor and outdoor applications.