Color Kinetics Incorporated has been awarded a patent in Canada covering its Chromacore® technology and an additional US patent relating to intelligent pool and spa lighting systems.

Chromacore is proprietary digital control technology that underlies Color Kinetics' intelligent solid-state lighting systems and drives multi-color LEDs to generate millions of colors and dynamic lighting effects without the constraints or complexities of conventional light sources. Aspects of the technology also pertain to the control of LEDs in white light applications. Color Kinetics was originally awarded a US patent covering Chromacore in January 2000, a European patent in 2002, a Hong Kong patent in 2003, and now patent number 2,302,227 in Canada.

Kinetics' Chromacore-based systems are used in high-performance lighting applications throughout the world, including many installations in Canada, such as Hard Rock Café Toronto, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, and SoHo Metropolitan Hotel Toronto, to name a few.

Issued on August 24, 2004, patent number 6,781,329 covers Color Kinetics' core methods of controlling LED-based illumination in pool and spa environments. One aspect of the patent relates to illumination in a pool or spa generated by a microprocessor-controlled, LED-based light. Another aspect relates to the adaptation of a light source to generate different colors without requiring the use of colored filters, which reduces the complexity and increases the reliability of the lighting system.

Color Kinetics was previously awarded a US patent (6,774,584) relating to color-controllable pool and spa lighting systems on August 10, 2004. The utility patent covers many aspects of Color Kinetics' pool and spa lighting developments, including retrofit systems and custom solutions designed to exhibit the practical and aesthetic benefits of intelligent solid-state lighting.

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