Color Kinetics Incorporated announced the issuance of a US patent relating to a miniaturized, integrated, intelligent solid-state string light, whereby individual LED nodes in a string configuration have the capability to be independently controlled.

Issued on August 17, 2004, US patent number 6,777,891 relates in part to technology that is implemented in Chromasic™, the company’s proprietary integrated circuit that allows a reduction in the cost, size, weight, and complexity of systems requiring many small light sources.

One commercial application of this technology is the iColor® Flex SL product introduced by Color Kinetics in September 2003, a flexible, multi-purpose, intelligent solid-state string light comprised of individually controllable tri-color LED nodes. By refining control down to the singular LED level, this technology enables complex and intricately designed effects that may span many thousands of nodes.

"This latest US patent covers groundbreaking technology that opens up completely new applications of intelligent solid-state lighting, including the generation of animated effects and video-driven light shows," said Dr. Ihor Lys, CTO of Color Kinetics and one of the patent’s named inventors. "The coverage of this invention brings exciting potential for further product development and OEM and licensing opportunities."

Color Kinetics now holds 32 issued patents and has more than 120 patent applications pending that range from core technology and products to high-level control systems, complete lighting systems, applications and methods of use.

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