Color Kinetics Incorporated

, a pioneer in the design, manufacture, marketing and licensing of intelligent solid-state lighting systems, and Main Light Industries, Inc., an entertainment lighting specialist, today announced an agreement whereby Main Light will leverage Color Kinetics' intelligent solid-state lighting technology to develop Soft-LED - an LED-based drapery for entertainment applications.

Light draperies are comprised of points of light that collectively form dynamic visuals and backdrops for wide-ranging venues, including theatres, tradeshows, casinos, theme parks, concerts, and corporate events. Through the agreement, Main Light will apply Color Kinetics' patented LED control technology to offer Soft-LED - a unique drapery that allows precise control of individual LED sources. As a result, designers will have a flexible medium with which to create uniquely designed shapes, patterns and complex light shows that span thousands of individually controllable tri-color LED nodes. Soft-LED will be available in various sizes and form factors to accommodate diverse applications and installations.

"Our agreement with Main Light opens another exciting channel for Color Kinetics' intelligent LED technology," says Bill Sims, President and COO, Color Kinetics. "Main Light's expertise in developing versatile light draperies coupled with Color Kinetics' solid-state lighting technology and know-how will create a powerful tool for lighting designers across many applications."

"Main Light is known for innovative fiber optic use in entertainment lighting, and we're thrilled to align with Color Kinetics to add the advantages of proven, intelligent solid-state lighting technology to our product line," says Aidas Gimbutas, President, Main Light. "We've already seen demand for Soft-LED, which enables whole new design possibilities through advanced control of LEDs, and we look forward to the many inventive applications that will follow."