Color Kinetics Incorporated (NASDAQ: CLRK) and iLight Technologies, Inc. today announced an agreement through which iLight will license Color Kinetics' patent portfolio to add color-changing offerings to its LED-based product lines. This includes the Plexineon RGB Series, introduced this week at Lightfair International, as well as future products.

"We are very pleased to offer dynamic color control together with our award-winning Plexineon profile," says Mark Cleaver, chairman, iLight Technologies. "Our agreement with Color Kinetics makes this exciting opportunity possible, and reflects our commitment to the growing market for intelligently controlled LED lighting."

"We believe that LEDs offer the best method for lighting with color today, and we're pleased to help companies like iLight take advantage of this accelerating market shift," says Bill Sims, president and CEO, Color Kinetics. "Our licensing program continues to gain momentum as more manufactureres recognize the value and competitive advantage our intellectual property can afford."

The Plexineon RGB Series from iLight, with a full spectrum of 16.7 million colors, is compatible with any DMX 512 controller. The slender, low profile Plexineon RGB Series combines smooth, even, and intense light output with the advantages of an exterior specialty-grade extrusion, offering designers an enormous amount of opportunities for interior or exterior lighting applications.