Coemar UK announced their appointment as exclusive distributors of Geni Lighting moving mirror scanners, gobo projectors and controllers to the professional and DJ markets.

Coemar UK managing director, Ian Kirby, confirmed that the Taiwan-manufactured range fills a gap in their intelligent light portfolio for moving mirror effects, not covered by the Coemar range (for which they are also sole distributors).

While Geni scanners were this month specified by The Music Company for installation in the new Bakersfield Leisure venue, Mood in Liverpool, the company’s new controller, dubbed ‘PC Brain’ is running the James Thomas PixelPar 87 LED lanterns in the Hard Rock’s newly piloted bar concept in Bristol.

Kirby was particularly attracted to the Geni scanner family, comprising the Stratus 5X, The Shiva, The MZ-12 and the Mojo Scan. "There is still a huge market for the moving mirror, which offers a quicker, more high-energy scanner solution than the moving yokes in commercial applications," he said.

The Geni range extends to the ‘Effect 1’ and ‘Effect 2’ families,which include the Mojo Spinmaster 3 — the first 360-degree full-barrel effect, which radiates spinning, flipping colored images.

Ian Kirby is also particularly excited by the ‘PC Brain’ — an ingenious piece of user-friendly, DMX PC design software — which allows cues to be built up in Windows and then connected to an interface via a USB port.

"DMX PC Design Software provides the ultimate solution for lighting control," Kirby says. "It offers the possibility of direct user control, from simple par cans to the most complex intelligent light … via a PC, the software and the interface."

The interface can also run the lightshow independently; it retains the data in a non-volatile memory, so that in the event of hard drive failure or loss of data the show will not be interrupted.

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