When French production company NAT rigged the Renault stand at the recent Geneva Motor Show, not only did it introduce the latest automotive products from Renault but also the newest in automated lighting fixtures, the Flex range from Coemar.

The Flex range consists of three fixtures--the iWash Flex, iSpot Flex, and iProfile Flex--with unique features including a 2kW newly developed MSR-2000S/A lamp from Philips, a Coemar 2kW electronic ballast to provide dimming over a range of 800W to 2kW, and high-speed electronic strobe. The range also features CYM color-mixing plus variable CTO and interchangeable fixed colors to provide a virtually unlimited color palette. The full range also features the patented Best Color System which automatically varies light output to balance the intensity between white and the full color range, allowing Coemar to fit the Flex range with full saturated colors without concern for loss of light output.

The iWash Flex features a patented internal barndoor system, the widest range of beam angle and optional lenses to allow for beam shaping and an even wider beam angle. The iSpot Flex features three overlapping gobo/effects wheels to facilitate moiré and morphing effects, iris as well as prism effects and a progressive zoom system, with 7-30º beam angle. The iProfile Flex features two animation wheels for cloud, fire, and other animated effects, a full framing system, gobo wheel, prism effects, iris, and progressive zoom system with 7-30° beam angle.

NAT, which utilizes Coemar automated lighting exclusively in its rental fleet, had worked closely with the Italian manufacturer during the development of the new Flex range. So when television DP Frederic Dorieux asked the company to provide the lighting for the large Renault stand, with the enormous throw distance and lux output required, NAT saw a perfect opportunity for the iWash Flex to make its debut.

Renault’s new F1 car under the Coemar ceiling grid

NAT installed 80 iWash Flex luminaires, 18 Coemar 2.4kW SuperCycs, and 19 Coemar 2.5kW PC theatrical projectors to create a lighting presentation for Renault's new edition Megane, Scenic, and F1 showcase cars. All the lighting cues on the Flying Pig Systems Wholehog® II desk were programmed by Remy Roland, working for Frederick Dorieux, while the daily refocusing was maintained by Matthieu Fouillade.

Fouillade says, "This is a very good luminaire, easy to program. And the variable lamp, using new technology, produces a wonderful quality of light. By being able to vary the power output you can utilize the lamps as if it were attached to a dimmer. This is a real breakthrough for Coemar."