Cobalt Studios

, the professional painting studio that teaches scenic art, located in White Lake, New York, announces upcoming Specialty Pro-Seminars.

Faux Marble: Interior-Grade
Instructor: Rachel Keebler
November 3, 4, 5, 6, 2003
Tuition, Tools, and Materials: $600.00
Room and Board: $35.00 per night

Using centuries-old painting techniques (which also happen to be fast, safe, and cheap), this seminar guides you to make truly successful faux marble samples, applicable to almost any surface. Walk away with a dozen or so finished pieces and the ability to execute this valuable technique. Includes info on prepping and finishing. Rachel Keebler teaches primarily the use of beer glazes but includes a section on using oils.

Sign Painting: Lettering Techniques for Film & Theatre
Guest Instructor: Theresa Dringenberg
December 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 2003
Tuition, Tools, and Materials: $600.00
Room and Board: $35.00 per night

Drawing from Theresa Dringenberg's classical lettering training and her 20 years of experience in the sign painting and scenic painting shops in LA, NY, and Austin, this in-depth seminar discusses traditional sign materials, tools, alphabets and lettering techniques for fake and aged signs, special effects, and unusual surfaces. Students will practice sign layout, brush manipulation, and lettering strokes in oil and water using mahlsticks and lettering brushes, and have the opportunity to draw and letter serif and san serif alphabets. Drop shadows, shading, highlighting, outlines, borders, numerals, lower cases, scripts, casuals, and italics will also be discussed.

Perspective for the Scenic Artist
Guest Instructor: Diane Fargo
January 5 (1pm), 6, 7, 8, 9 (12pm), 2004
Tuition, Tools, and Materials: $600.00
Room and Board: $35.00 per night

Master the rules of perspective from the point of view of a scenic artist. Learn to interpret the renderings of a designer into a full-scale production. These principles apply to layouts for theatre, film, or television. After this seminar, participants will be able to take any rendering or drawing with perspective, interpret it, and enlarge it into the full size product. Diane Fargo has over 25 years experience as a scenic artist in theatre, film, dance, and opera. She has been the charge at the Goodspeed Opera for 14 years, is on the faculty at Boston University and received her MFA from Brandeis.

Future seminars include:
Anti-Freakout Job Market Roundtable – February 27-29, 2004
Landscape Foliage Painting – April 5-9, 2004
Scenic Art: The Historical method – May 3-7, 2004
Faux Woodgrain: Interior Grade – May 10-13, 2004

For further information or to register for seminars call 845-583-7025 or e-mail For information on these seminars or on the rest of the Cobalt programs, check out the website