The Alpha Range, from Valencia, CA-based

Clay Paky America

, is a line of 575W moving head professional fixtures suitable for professional, architectural, and entertainment applications. Alpha Spot HPE features a completely new optical module with 10°- 40° zoom; fully electronic focusing; CMY color mixing; seven position plus white color wheel; a linear CTO for gradual color temperature correction; two wheels of six indexable rotating gobos and a third fixed wheel of eight gobos that can be swapped out. Alpha Spot HPE also has a “fast clamping” graphic disc, allowing for the quick transition to other graphic effects discs. The graphic system includes two rotating, indexable and interchangeable prisms (two-facet and five-facet), three different frost levels, mechanical high-speed iris, a shutter/strobe and a newly designed 0-100% dimmer on its own dedicated channel. Additional fixtures in the new line include the Alpha Spot and Alpha Wash.