City Theatrical is launching three new WDS Wireless Data System™ products at the PLASA show in London. The Wireless Data System is a group of transmitters, receivers, and dimmers that send and receive DMX data without cables.

The AutoYoke® WDS™ is a City Theatrical AutoYoke (PLASA Award and Eddy Award) with a WDS receiver built in. The AutoYoke can be hung anywhere, plugged to AC power, and controlled by any DMX console within 125m indoors or 450m outdoors without using a DMX cable. The AutoYoke WDS allows DMX pass through so DMX signals can be sent to other wired DMX devices, as well as a redundant wired DMX input.

The WDS OEM™ is a tiny module (66mm x 50mm x 12mm) for manufacturers, suitable for building into any DMX device to allow it to be run without data wires. Devices such as moving lights, individual dimmers, dimmer racks, DMX relays, and LED lighting fixtures can be controlled by any DMX console without running DMX cables.

The WDS Rx2™ is the newest receiver in the WDS line. It features a built in DMX receiver and auto-sensing power supply (100-240VAC) and is designed for hanging by c-clamp. Hang a WDS Rx2 in any location and you have DMX without running wires. It’s perfect for lighting positions that have never been hard wired for DMX, and for temporary lighting installations.

The WDS Wireless Data System utilizes 2.4GHz spread spectrum channel hopping technology to insure the delivery of mission critical data that the entertainment industry demands. WDS technology is in use on a growing number of shows and permanent installations including Fiddler on the Roof, Hairspray, Movin’ Out, Lion King, Bombay Dreams, the Royal National Theatre, and leading lighting rental shops.

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