1. As founder of design one, you work quite a bit on special events. What are some of the most common challenges you face as a designer?

    Special events are often in raw spaces, and this creates many challenges in needing to bring in a great deal of equipment to be able to transform the space. Clients are always a challenge, in a good way. I like working with those that push us past our comfort fun design-wise. Thinking outside the box is key!

  2. What is the most useful development you've witnessed in technology that's applicable to special event design?

    LED fixtures, both 110V and battery-powered, allow the designer to affect great change on a space with ease.

  3. What idea did you have that looked good on paper but not in reality?

    We used Coemar color changing cyc lights once to light the ceiling of a tent. I designed the fixtures to be over-hung on the truss, which, although it created great coverage of light, was a significant challenge to rig.

  4. What inspires you in your creative goals?

    I am always excited by a challenge. I make it a point to keep up on technology, and I am forever pouring over design magazines.

  5. What piece of gear in production is your workhorse of late?

    Color Kinetics ColorBlasts and Vari-Lite VL3500s.