ORLANDO, Fla.--Christie introduced the Christie Imager - a new edge-blending and warping technology to project images across any size screen and any shaped surface. The Christie Imager adds to the company's existing line of lower-cost, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)-ready simulation display solutions.

The latest product in Christie's total simulation solutions, Christie Imager enables the geometric distortion correction of projected images onto cylindrical or spherical screen displays for perfectly uniform, seamless images. The Imager complements Christie's cost-effective, purpose-built Christie Matrix 1500 and Christie Matrix 2500 as well as Christie MirageSIM three-chip DLP™, purpose-built projectors.

The Imager applies an advanced digital filter technique to eliminate aliasing effects that can be caused by mapping pixels to a new position. Where two images overlap, a blend region is defined where one projector fades out and another fades in. Using digital techniques, this blend region is almost imperceptible to the observer as the correct proportion from each projector is precisely calculated. Once set up, Christie Imager's alignment rarely needs adjustment. Independent digital shading of each color plane provides the means to compensate for color shifts between projectors and color variations within each projector field. Compensation for shading variations within curved dome displays and back projection hotspots can also be pre-calculated and removed.

Christie's simulation solutions offer a flexible system as a cost-effective way to provide quality simulation in a variety of land, sea and air applications. In instances where distribution training is required, control through an RS-232 port can network both Christie Imager and projectors.

The Christie Imager was featured at the Christie booth during the Interservice/Industry Training Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC), which ran Dec. 1 to 4, 2003.

About Christie Digital Systems, Inc.
Christie's visual solutions are purpose-built to meet the specific requirements of the simulation market including civil and military aviation, sea-based and land-based simulation, road driving and air traffic control. For more than a decade, Christie (under the Electrohome brand name) and its Marquee CRT projection series set the benchmark for high-performance projection systems used in both 3D stereo and simulation environments.

Christie has invested heavily in the development of flat-panel-display technologies and is recognized as a world leader in high-performance projection solutions. Christie is the first projection manufacturer to take a leading role in developing stereo three-chip DLP projection at 3D frame rates. Since 1979, Christie, along with its international network of systems integrators, has installed large-screen projection solutions in major corporations such as Airbus Industries, Boeing, Daimler Chrysler, Fraunhoffer Institute, GM, Italian Army, Los Alamos National Laboratories, NASA, Shell, Taiwan Air Force and the University of Illinois, Urbana. Christie has NATO NCAGE classification.

For more information about Christie and its compelling array of simulation display solutions, visit www.christiedigital.com/news.