Cypress, CA––Christie, providers of the Pro AV industry’s most widely used networking solutions, announces the availability of two new ChristieNET Connectivity Modules (CCM) and the ChristieNET Master Display Controller Professional software solution. The CCM 2PORT Type 3 for drop-in integration with an existing RS232 control system, and the CCM Type 50 connects Christie DS30 and Christie DS30W to any network. The ChristieNET product line enables the monitoring and controlling of new and previously purchased Christie projectors or display devices, from anywhere in the world.

The ChristieNET Master Display Controller Professional (MDC Pro) is an easy to use interface that uses Wireless Ethernet, LAN/WAN or the Internet for centralized management and simultaneous control of AV equipment and integrates with existing network infrastructures over large multi-unit installations, among multiple locations anywhere in the world. MDC Pro gives users the added benefit of an easy to use content delivery solution over their wired or wireless network.

Christie MDC Pro now supports over 500 different AV devices from over 20 different manufacturers, including projectors, document cameras, and electronic white boards. Using Christie projectors with MDC Pro enables the best level of functionality. Network Solutions Product Manager, Max Kopsho says, “We at Christie know that when it is time to upgrade most people can’t replace every projector in their system. The ChristieNET solution provides options for almost every RS232 device and increased functionality with Christie projectors, this way we are supporting the entire system and giving end users a compelling reason to use Christie projectors with any ChristieNET solution.”

The ChristieNET CCMs and MDC Pro software provide connectivity and networking capabilities that allow for routine maintenance, remote diagnostics or troubleshooting in the prevention of system downtime. Over 80% of AV/IT support can be done over a networked environment for quicker response times, more efficient use of valuable staff time and reduced total cost of ownership.

ChristieNET MDC Pro features a familiar Windows-based master console for selection and management of projector groups, sub-groups and individual units. It also enables intuitive control of image characteristics for flawless displays. MDC Pro is simple to install on PC’s or laptops to provide complete and simple system management. The programmable, pre-set group or sub-group controls recall settings for different uses of each device group.

The RGB Color Balance Control on the ChristieNET MDC Pro provides fine adjustment of individual displays with programmable default settings for maximum system responsiveness. This allows administrators to change projector settings, correct problems or optimize the image without having to leave the MDC program. In addition, the ChristieNET MDC Pro has unlimited licenses for ChristieNET networked projectors so it can expand as installations grow and more devices are added to the system.

Coupled with the ChristieNET Master Display Controller Professional, the ChristieNET CCM can control and monitor multiple projectors. Users can manage multiple projectors by using the CCM web browser interface or SNMP management system from client computers or a server. Any one of the new ChristieNET CCM’s can be customized by Christie to work with non-Christie projectors and other RS232 controllable devices in existing installations.

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