High End Systems introduces new Catalyst Version 3 Media Server for its DL1 digital lighting fixture. The software contained within the Media Server has recently been successfully beta-tested on a variety of projects including the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, the Radio Music Awards, and The Muse and Radiohead tours. Catalyst Version 3 Media Server and the DL1 digital lighting fixture are products which combine the functions of automated lighting with digital effects.

The new Catalyst Version 3 Media Server and Version 3 software is a substantial upgrade for an existing Catalyst Media Server system. It has been completely re-written to take advantage of the new Apple MAC OS-X.3 Panther and the latest developments in Open-GL based video cards. The most obvious enhancement is the twin outputs - allowing two, completely independent Catalyst video feeds from one Media Server. Drive two Catalyst orbital heads or DL1s from one Catalyst Version 3 Media Server--each one controlled and operating independently.

Catalyst Version 3 software offers many other enhancements:

Cross fading: Video dissolves between layers are a fundamental production technique used by the video industry. Catalyst Version 3 software has the capability to cross fade between all four layers using the intensity channel.

Preview: Allows complete, independent preview of content on a local monitor before sending it to the output device.

Video Montage: Using the four layers, the programmer can use scaling and positioning functions to create virtual scenery or montages.

Masking: Offers comprehensive masking and keying functions for overlay effects. Both alpha channel and black & white key effects are available.

3D Effects: Allows the programmer to wrap content onto different shaped 3D objects such as spheres or cubes. These objects are then fully controllable in 3D space for size, position and rotation.

Spectrograph: Allows users to input audio into the media server. The audio input creates visual waveforms that can be sent to video output devices such as the DL1 fixture, allowing the user to "see the sound."

Serial control: Allows for serial control of video switchers and playback devices.