Creative consultant Bob Bonniol, principal designer of MODE Studios and faculty chair for the California Institute of the Arts’ video design for performance masters degree program, leads the faculty for the fifth annual Live Design Master Classes at LDI, with two days of technology and applications on October 20 & 21, plus a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Love.

The design faculty for the PMC@LDI2010 also includes Bruce Rodgers of Tribe, Inc. who will present a case study on the eye-popping video design for the 2010 Super Bowl Half Time show; Zachary Borovay whose recent design credits include the Broadway hit, Rock of Ages; and Arianna Knapp of SenovvA, who worked on the video systems for the Tony Award-winning designs of Green Day’s American Idiot on Broadway. In addition, Jeremy Kumin of Enttec will talk about future technology and Nick Pagliante of Gerriets International will present an in-depth look at picking projection surfaces.

“These classes are designed for lighting and projection designers interested in the aesthetic and technical possibilities of today’s immersive world of imagery as seen in concerts, theatre, theme parks, and corporate presentations,” says David Johnson, publisher of Live Design, producers of the PMC@LDI. “Technology presentations cover projection surfaces, projectors, media servers, and new cutting-edge tools and toys for creating sharper images.”

PMC@LDI2010 Schedule*

Wednesday, October 20
7:30am Registration
8:30am-9:00am Coffee and bagels

Playback Options
Delve into the latest and greatest options for media playback and control, including the leading media servers to DIY systems that clever designers are making on their own, using coding environments like Cycling 74’s Max/MSP/Jitter and Isadora.

Projection Case Study I: Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show
Designer Bruce Rodgers of Tribe, Inc. provides an in-depth look at the design and technical challenges for the Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show, his fourth outing for the NFL. The show aired on Sunday, February 7, 2010, and the “wow” factor went off the charts with 3055 Barco MiSTRIPs creating the shield-shaped stage
stage for the 12-minute show featuring The Who.

Lunch and Technology Presentations
Grab your lunch, listen to presentations about today’s hot projection technology then play in the sandbox for a few
hours and get your hands on the gear!

Picking Projection Surfaces
Open your eyes to a wide array of projection surfaces from front and rear projection to a myriad of different fabrics and textures. Plus LED high and low-resolution display technologies. Learn how to select and use the proper projection surfaces effectively in your projection design and applications.
Moderator: Bob Bonniol, Mode Studios
Panelists include: Nick Pagliante, Gerriets International

Projection Case Study II: Projection On The Road
A look at some of the most eye-catching designs and technical achievements using projection and video for recent concert tours!
Moderator: Bob Bonniol

Thursday, October 21
8:30am-9:00am Coffee and bagels
Screen Blending, Scenic Mapping, and Image Warping

Not projecting on a rectangle? Doing something really big? This is the session for you! From screen blending and scenic mapping and image warping: An understanding of these processes will help you do effective projection design and have better control over projection surfaces and what you are projecting on them.

Engineering A Video System
Get to the heart of a video system and learn to connect the dots between various devices in what comes between
the projector and playback: An in-depth technical discussion whose topics include matrixing, live inputs, output management, and systems design and installation. Moderated by Arianna Knapp of SenovvA, with some of SenovvA’s top engineers and technical gurus on the panel.

Lunch and Technology Presentations
Grab your lunch, listen to presentations about today’s hot projection technology then play in the sandbox for a few
hours and get your hands on the gear!

Creating the Show
Using the same materials to create a visually exciting show, projection masters Bob Bonniol and Zachary Borovay go to work to build a production, with Zak on Dataton’s Watchout and Bob on Green Hippo’s Hippotizer. Let the games begin!

Picking the Proper Projector for your Project
How many lumens do you need and how much real estate do you have? Selecting the proper projector depends
on various factors, from the size of the venue to the needs of the production. A primer on picking the proper projector for a specific job, led by Bob Bonniol.

The Techniques Of Tomorrow
Learn about the neatest new tools that are off-the-shelf and out of your mind. Bob Bonniol and friends take a look at the next generation of cool stuff you’ll want to get your hands on! From do-it-yourself to the hottest gear out there!
Panelists include: Jeremy Kumin, Enttec

Performance: Love at Cirque du Soleil in The Mirage Theatre
Focus on the fabulous projections in Love at Cirque du Soleil followed by a short Q&A in the theatre

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