Here's some news of note we didn't mention in the Entertainment Design April cover story on Metamorphoses: the show marked the first Broadway rental package for Big Apple Lights since becoming a union shop last November.

The play, written and directed by Mary Zimmerman (based on the epic myths of Ovid) and produced in association with Second Stage Theatre at Circle in the Square, features lighting design by T. J. Gerckens, with Stewart Wagner serving as the production electrician on the show and Robert G. Mahon acting as technical supervisor.

In response to the specific requirements of the show, Big Apple recently purchased fifty ETC Source Four 25° – 50° Zoom ellipsoidal fixtures to add to their rental stock. The production also utilizes two ETC 96 Dimmer racks and an ETC Obsession lighting control console.

“We were pleased to be able to work with T. J. and Stewart to provide the equipment they required for the production’s unique needs,” says Big Apple president Patrick O'Rourke. “Once we had learned what T.J.’s needs were, we were happy to go the extra mile and obtain the Source Four Zoom fixtures.”

Robert Mahon offers praise for Big Apple’s efforts. “Stewart Wagner and Peter Davis [of Second Stage] had worked with Big Apple before on smaller non-union shows before Big Apple Lights became a Local 1 shop and they had very good experiences with the company. Now Big Apple Lights is the only union shop in Manhattan, which had a lot of appeal. The way they treated everyone on the show and the way they handled everything could not have been better.”

The show enjoyed excellent reviews and continues its run on Broadway at Circle in the Square.