Companies often struggle with how to show appreciation to their customers at this time of year. Many have decided that making a charitable donation is more meaningful than sending tins of nuts or boxes of fruit. Once that decision ismade though, getting consensus on whose favorite charity to select can be difficult.

Now there is a charity that everyone should be able to agree on because it was formed to assist everyone in the production community in times of crisis.

Behind the Scenes was created by The ESTA Foundation to provide financial assistance to entertainment technology professionals who are seriously ill or injured.

Grants may be used for medical expenses, funeral expenses, or basic living expenses such as mortgage, rent, utilities, food, transportation, and childcare.

Grants are available to anyone who has worked at least five years full time in the entertainment technology industry, whether they’re on the road or in a rental shop, they’re a TD or the head of R&D, they work in a theatre or on a cruise ship.

Make Behind the Scenes a part of your holiday plans, and you’ll be offering hope to those in your industry family who so desperately need a helping hand.

For more information, contact Lori Rubinstein at 212-244-1421 or visit