Minneapolis-based Gopher Stage Lighting has added Jim Barrett to its sales force. Barrett, who was formerly with Luma Sales Associates, will be working with Dave Johnson on project management and inside sales.

A Minnesota native, Barrett attended St. Cloud State University in the early 80s. His initial interest in film studies was led astray by the university’s theatre program, and Barrett spent a summer at St. Cloud State-affiliated Theatre L'Homme Dieu.

After college, Barrett left the industry for a couple of years only to return in a customer service/technical sales role at theatrical retailer Norcostco. Barrett says that he is not worried about reacquainting himself with the world of a theatrical distributor. “I enjoyed this field for a number of years while at Norcostco,” comments Barrett. “Now, I’m employed by a couple of great owners and working alongside the best boss that I've ever had.”

Barrett and his wife, Phyllis Bowers, have a four-year old daughter, Rachel.