BARCO recently announced that it will provide sponsorship in kind for well-known video artist Bill Viola’s latest exhibition, which runs at the National Gallery in London, by providing one of its state-of-the-art SLM R10 and two Cine 8 projectors, which will show the artist's work.

Renowned for its long-standing leadership in the visualization industry, BARCO is proud to be associated with this avant-garde exhibition through its use of the SLM R10 and Cine 8 projectors. The Viola exhibition will feature multiple video installations, which often serve as a complete environment to envelop the viewer, and require advanced multimedia technologies. BARCO considers the technical requirements for the exhibition and the projection technology that BARCO has to offer a perfect match.

The exhibition will feature a BARCO SLM R10 DLP™ projector, which will be used to display Viola’s The Greeting, while in Gallery 6 two BARCO Cine 8 CRT projectors will be positioned at each end of the gallery projecting onto screens in the middle of the room and displaying Viola’s The Crossing.

The versatile SLM R10 projector is ideal for use in medium to large venues that host events requiring best-of-breed projection technologies. Equipped with a three-chip DLP subsystem and with a light output of 10000 ANSI lumens, the SLM R10 offers higher brightness and enhanced color uniformity than most projectors available on the market today.

The Cine 8, which forms part of BARCO’s renowned Cine CRT projection range, offers ultrahigh picture resolution and the most accurate color reproduction, making the projector ideally suited for use in such an exhibition.

“With the words ‘when you do something, do it well,’ we underpin the driving force behind the design of all our products, including the SLM and Cine projection ranges,” stated Stephan Paridaen, general manager, Barco Media & Entertainment. He added, “Both product ranges offer the superior quality and absolute product integrity BARCO is known for.”

About BARCO:

BARCO, an international company with headquarters in Kortrijk, is active in three key areas of imaging technology. BARCO designs and develops solutions for large-screen visualization, display solutions for life-critical applications and systems for visual inspection. BARCO has a network of subsidiaries, distributors and agents in almost 100 countries. BARCO is quoted on Brussels/Euronext and is a BEL 20 and a Next 150 company.