Barco Media today denied the claims of a lawsuit brought by Radio City Music Hall yesterday. In the suit, the venue stated that Barco Media had breached a contract relating to the purchase of a multimillion-dollar LED screen.

Specifically, Radio City is asking the court to force Barco to provide a full refund of the more than $4 million that it has already paid to purchase the screen, plus $1.8 million in additional costs incurred by Radio City relating to the screen’s installation.

Barco firmly denied the allegations and stated that it has taken full responsibility as a professional supplier and had offered the customer a full and final technical solution. The matter is now being referred to Barco’s legal counsel for further advice, and the company says that appropriate steps are being taken to counter the claims by RCMH.

A statement issued by the venue includes a claim by MSG Entertainment president, Jay Marciano that the “screen has not functioned properly and, despite five months of attempts to rectify its considerable problems, Barco was unable or unwilling to resolve the issues.