Barco recently announced the launch of the brand-new XLM H25 projector. With a light output of 27000 center lumen and a native resolution of 2048x1080 pixels, the XLM will become the most powerful projector available in the rental-and-staging market.

The XLM H25 projector is an ultra-high brightness projector that has been designed specifically for use in the demanding environments of the professional rental-and-staging and events markets.

With its sealed DMD engine, high-power 6kW Xenon lamp and native high resolution of 2048x1080 pixels, the XLM H25 offers reliable high performance and the ultimate in crisp, clear images, even on ultra-large screens.

The XLM H25 enables simultaneous presentation of four-input channels and multi-image windowing on a truly wide “canvas." BARCO’s development of the XLM H25 with these specific features leads the market trend of widescreen presentations, which up until today have only been possible with multiple projector setups featuring soft edge blending.

”The XLM H25 projector offers our customers a product specifically designed for the most demanding of events. With its enormous light output and native wide aspect ratio, this projector will come to stand apart as the true heavyweight of the projection industry,” stated Steve Scorse, division manager of Barco Events. “This projector extends our projection product range to include a product not available in the rental-and-staging market today."

For the target rental-and-staging market, the XLM projector design features stacking and hanging capabilities without optional accessories. Easy-to-use operation as well a system to easily align convergence in the field after longer transportation periods allows the XLM H25 to maintain its optimum picture quality even in the rough daily circumstances of rental-and-staging applications.

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About Barco:

Barco, an international company with U.S. sales headquarters in Atlanta, is active in three key areas of imaging technology. BARCO designs and develops solutions for large-screen visualization, display solutions for life-critical applications, and systems for visual inspection. BARCO has a network of subsidiaries, distributors and agents in almost 100 countries. BARCO is quoted on Brussels/Euronext and is a BEL 20 and a Next 150 company.