On August 1, the CHIC 2K3 event that attracts thousands of high school students every three years will take place once again. The event is designed around worship, and Bandit is lighting the music worship stage. In a departure from years past, the stage show at this year’s event will feature a full-blown lighting package. The LD, Steve Powell, has designed what he calls “a big show.” There are several well-known Christian acts slated to appear including Audio Adrenaline, Lost and Found, and Kirk Franklin.

The lighting rig consists of three half-moon circular trusses located up and downstage hung with Martin MAC 500s and MAC 600s. Fourteen Martin MAC 2000s are located on the stage itself. There are six lighted “ribs” located mid-stage curving over top of the stage and 6 x 7’ pre-rigged trusses. MAC 500s are also located along the bottom of the video screen located above the stage. The show is controlled by a Whole Hog II Console.

Bandit Lites Equipment:
11 - MAC 2000 Wash
23 - MAC 2000 Performance
50 - Martin MAC 500s
30 - Martin MAC 600s
12 - MR 16 Mini Strip 10 Cell
26 - Martin Atomic Strobes
12 - 6 Lampbar
2 - ETC 72 Way
1 - Whole Hog II Console
46 - 3E CM Motor

Bandit Lites Crew:
Lighting Designer - Steve Powell
Lighting Director - Chip Perry
Crew Chief - Eric “Rock” Shafferman
Technician - Rick Munroe
Technician - Sears Hallett