has once again called upon lighting designer/director Chaz Martin and Bandit Lites to deliver a lighting system for the new tour supporting her long-awaited This Way album. The self-described "New Folk" music singer is venturing across the US and Canada all summer and into the fall. The tour concentrates on mainly theatres and amphitheatres.

LD Chaz Martin says, "I draw my inspiration from talking with Jewel and getting a feeling for what she is expressing in her music." Having worked with Jewel for many years has allowed Martin to really fill a show that delivers the messages of the artist's music wonderfully. The basis of the rig is several banks of PAR-64s with subtle colors from Wybron scrollers.

Other equipment includes High End Systems Cyberlights, Martin Professional MiniMACs, MAC 300s, and MAC 600s, ETC Source Fours, 8-light Molefays, Wildfire blacklight units, Neutron Star hazers, Altman cyclights, a Flying Pig Systems Wholehog II console, ETC Sensor dimmers, a Leprecon LP1524, and Coffing Hoists motors. Crew chief is Darrell Cummings and lighting tech is Tyler Greene.