Those interested in the history of visual effects in film might want to check out the special program Aug. 16 and 17 at the Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. "The Big Bake-Off: Visual Effects Reels from the Academy Film Archive" is a two-night effects extravaganza compiled by Richard Edlund. Night one, on Thursday, Aug. 16, titled "From King Kong to Star Wars," provides a historical overview, while night two, Friday, Aug. 17, concentrates on modern effects technology, and is titled "From Raiders of the Lost Ark to Terminator 2."

The event is modeled after the yearly "VisFx Bake-Off" of contenders for the visual effects Oscar, held for Academy members. The compilation reels traditionally include details of the film's effects work, from mattes and miniatures to animatronics and digital imaging.

The August program will include introductions by such effects artists as Craig Barron, Harrison Ellenshaw, Dennis Muren, and Bill Taylor. Screenings begin both nights at 8pm in the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater, 8949 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA. Tickets for each night are $5 for the general public, and $3 for Academy members. For more information, go to