Axcera, a leading manufacturer of high-quality equipment and systems for the television broadcast and broadband wireless access/MMDS industries, and Statmon Technologies Corp, the leading designer of IP-based (Internet Protocol) broadcast facilities management software, recently announced the completion of development on a technical interface that will enable tightly integrated monitoring and control of the Axcera Innovator* and Visionary* Series transmitter lines.

Within the specifications of the development, Axcera customers will have the ability to purchase a plug-and-play Statmon Axess control system for the remote control of their transmitter and transmitter facility. The development will significantly reduce the man-hours required to install and configure a remote control system. The Axess software suites' networkability provides extra value to the customer by enabling multi-site remote operation and increased flexibility in shared antenna operations.

"We're excited about the opportunity to offer our customers a direct connection to our transmitters with seamless integration to a comprehensive remote control product," said Rich Dell, product manager of Axcera.

Chad Kalebic, business development manager for Statmon, went on to say, "This partnership provides us with a solution that few can offer - the ability to control all internal functions of the Axcera transmitters within the same system that controls all other aspects of the facility."

Axcera ( is a premier provider of RF transmission equipment and systems for the television broadcast and broadband wireless/MMDS industries. Carrying on the tradition of offering the best RF products for over 20 years, the company has earned its reputation as a high quality manufacturer with the focus on meeting customers' needs. Today Axcera, a Platinum Equity company, provides the most complete line of television transmitter systems available from any manufacturer as well as end-to-end broadband wireless/MMDS solutions, including complete network planning, design and integration services, while never losing the focus on quality and meeting customer needs.

Located in Los Angeles, CA, Statmon Technologies Corp. ( is a pioneer in Remote Facilities Management for the broadcast industry with experience in the provision of automation for multiple-channel, Central-Casting operations. The Statmon Group is a software application and systems integration technology company specializing in the passive and intelligent remote monitoring, automation, management, maintenance and integration of multiple analog and diverse systems, networks and electronic devices, sensors, computer networks and web servers with different protocols, software and different programming languages.