Avolites will feature production models of all its lighting control products at PLASA 2004. The newest Avolites products–the ART 2000s stand-alone dimmer and the D4 Desktop were seen in prototype at PLASA 2003.

The diverse selection of Avolites lighting control consoles and dimmers will be demonstrated, suitable for all types of applications from concerts and live productions to installations and architectural, plus Avolites’ visualization software and other programming tools.

ART 2000 Series dimmer is a cost-effective, stand-alone professional dimming module designed for distributed dimming systems. It’s a standard 19" x 3U rack mounting module. Its features include 100% Duty Cycle, low noise chokes and Studio Quiet cooling system, making it suitable for quiet stage or studio applications. Clear text reporting for easy set up is another asset. The ART2000s module is available in 10A, 16A and 32A per-channel current ratings. Options include dual DMX inputs with merge and patch for running two consoles, plus RCD Protection and level faders.

ART 2000 Stand Alone Dimmer

The Avolites D4 Desktop System is a fully functional "Virtual" Diamond 4 Console. "D4 Desktop" consists of several components running "Avolites D4" software–the OS for Avo’s top of the range, Diamond 4 Elite & Diamond 4 Vision consoles.

The highly flexible "D4 Desktop" offers several advantages. It’s a reasonably priced backup for a full console, a fully featured playback system for when a full console is not required and also ideal for offline programming, editing or adaptation of shows. The system can be composed from individual hardware components, to match the customer’s exact requirements.

The product has been designed to address two clear needs – The first being a fully functional and stand alone "Back-up system" for large Diamond 4 shows and also for smaller or "Hands Free" productions where access to the comprehensive control surface of the D4 Consoles is not required. At the heart of the D4 Desktop system is a PC, running MS Windows XP with available USB ports.

Avolites Diamond 4 Vision Console

Designed for large-scale shows, festivals, concerts, events and multi-purpose venues, the Diamond 4 Vision is a lighting console that’s intuitive to operate and offers minimum operator fatigue. It addresses the need for fast, accurate, and immediate control of numerous intelligent lights, conventional fixtures and other DMX devices.

The D4 Vision addresses the whole spectrum of production situations. For those with plenty of time, the Vision’s newly designed programming panel allows the entry and selection of fixtures and palettes by number, while the electronic palette gives entry by legend. These entry systems can be mixed in any way, and are always available simultaneously.

Also new is the storing of Times within a Palette, expanding the ability to use Palettes during live performance, and ensuring a highly flexible toolkit for use during programming. The built-in Looks and Palettes, and the D4 Vision’s easy use, enables operation of a show when there’s been no pre-programming whatsoever.

The new processing engine ensures that response times for selecting and running anything are fast and seamless. In addition to the 24 high-resolution graphic LCD screens, dual high resolution color monitors ensure that the D4 Vision’s information is presented and formatted in an easy-to-understand-style. All data is stored on the console’s hard disk, and can be backed up onto USB memory stick/CD or copied via the Ethernet connection to a PC.

Diamond 4 Vision

Avolites Diamond 4 Elite Lighting Console

The D4 Elite console is streamlined to offer the maximum power and functionality in the minimum physical space, recognizing the ever-growing need in all applications to use FOH and control spaces expediently. It’s ideal for all areas of professional lighting.

The D4 Elite is fully featured and cased in a smaller, lighter chassis, complete with 14 submasters and 96 assigned playbacks, with direct access to 96 fixtures or cues via the re-assignable Preset Playbacks.

In the D4 range, Avolites wanted to offer a physically smaller console that retained the flexibility and versatility for which Avo products are renowned. The electronic legending increases set up speed and allows the automatic configuration of a huge programming Palette.

The D4 Elite significantly expands the number of Palettes, and more processing power ensures faster access and response time for all functions. Instant Access features like the live recall of ‘Palettes’ during the show is a hallmark of Avolites. Increased software capabilities and dual VGA monitors make the console even more versatile, logical and fast to program.

Avolites ART2000i Installation Dimmer

The Avo ART2000i Install Dimmer is the fixed installation version of Avolites’ innovative ART 2000 digital dimming series. The ART2000i dimmer is aimed at theatrical, architectural, leisure and retail applications. Featuring the same high specification as other dimmers in the ART 2000 range, the ART2000i is currently available in modules of 24x16Amp units or 12x32Amp. Each Avolites ART Installation System is available in hybrid mixes of the two modules.

The 48-in-to-48-out Hot Patch option is ideal for theatre applications and other types of installations needing this flexibility. It removes the hassle of retrospectively installing a custom hot patch.

All lamps are terminated in the Top Box, allowing the wall units to be installed at the early ages of a site build, when dust, dirt and other environmental hazards are at their most threatening. Once the site is near completion and a dust free zone, the ART2000i Install electronics can be effortlessly added. Once in place, the Live and Neutral conductors for each circuit can easily be disconnected making annual (mandatory) checking fast and simple.