AV Concepts–a full-service supplier of audio-visual, staging, and technical support for meetings, conventions, and trade shows–added the DiGiCo D-1 Digital Audio console to its inventory. The D-1 is a complete, self-contained system that does away with the need for a large microphone snake, splitters, line drivers, dynamics processors such as EQ’s, time correction delay units, reverb units, noise gates and compressors and an entire effects rack, all within a more compact work surface frame.

The DiGiCo D-1 Live work surface is tactile with a bright backlit TFT touchscreen, fully automated moving-fader mixing, digital effects, and full recallability of every function.

This console is capable of simultaneously processing 64 mono/stereo channels, expandable to 160 channels and has complete access to 224 inputs and 224 outputs. Each channel provides full routing from the remote mike pre-amps, 240mS delay, hi and lo pass filters, 4-band fully parametric EQ’s and dynamics with side chain filtering on every input channel. It also features 16 VCA-style control/mute groups able to control inputs and outputs and modular remote input and output racks.