Two great entertainment automation courses at LDI.. taught by the leaders in the field, with ETCP renewal credits available:

FTSI Navigator Automation System Training

Four Days: Monday-Thursday, October 15-18
Fisher Technical Services, Las Vegas Office
6955 Speedway Blvd, #T101 - Las Vegas, NV 89115
$795 ($895 after 9/14)
Class limit: 8 Includes lunch
28 ETCP Renewal Credits

The Introduction to Navigator provides an overall view of the principles of entertainment automation systems and teaches the basics of how to configure and program automation systems using the FTSI award-winning Navigator hardware and software, with an overview of current state-of-the-art in entertainment automation and basic principals involved in mechanical methods, rigging, and show automation. Mechanical system components, network architecture, safety systems and considerations, motion control techniques, system programming tools and instructions, console operation, and basic troubleshooting will all be introduced, with examples and exercises provided for all participants.

Introduction to Stage Technologies Automation and eChameleon Plotting
Tuesday-Thursday, October 16-18

$695 ($795 after 9/14)
Class limit: 10
Includes lunch
10.5 ETCP Renewal Credits

This three-day course will be held at the Cirque du Soleil Training Center in Las Vegas:

Introduction to Stage Technologies Automation and the eChameleon Suite: Day One: Learn the fundamentals of automation in entertainment; how, where and why we use it, the basics of automation theory and the first steps of building and plotting a show within eChameleon. 

• Day Two and Three: eChameleon Suite Programming and Plotting: Both programming days will briefly re-cap the day before and then run through a step-by-step guided tutorial of setting up a basic show, plot and show running techniques and best practices with eChameleon and then move on to more advanced and complex plotting including Stage Technologies’ Sculptor Animation Toolkit and 3D studio Max software tools

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