Two ebook titles for the new AutoCAD 2007 software from Autodesk are available from upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd: the updated edition of Tailoring AutoCAD 2007 and the brand-new Tailoring Visual Styles.

Now in its 5th edition, Tailoring AutoCAD 2007 is the popular e-book that shows step-by-step how to customize the best-selling CAD (computer-aided design) software. The e-book covers modifying AutoCAD's user interface; creating aliases, keyboard shortcuts, toolbars, tool palettes, and menus; writing toolbar and menu macros; creating custom linetypes, hatch patterns, shapes/fonts, and templates. Learn more about Tailoring AutoCAD 2007, read the full table of contents, and view select pages at

Tailoring Visual Styles is the brand-new mini-ebook on how to work with the new visual styles feature in AutoCAD. Contents include a guided tour of visual styles; working with the Tool Palette, Dashboard, Visual Styles toolbar, and Visual Styles palette; commands and system variables that affect visual styles; coverage of the perplexing Background and Ground Shadow options; two full-length tutorials on creating visual styles. Learn more about Tailoring Visual Styles at

Both new e-books are available now as Adobe Acrobat file PDF for delivery via email, FTP, or Web browser. The e-book is also available on CD. The e-books feature full-color illustrations, 8.5”x11” formatting, and margin design for three-hole punching.