Level Control Systems, the Los Angeles-based developer of audio control hardware and software solutions for live theatre and entertainment industries, has named Audio Geer, headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, as its representative for Las Vegas and Southern California.

"LCS demands a level of excellence from our reps that is commensurate with our products," notes Denny McLane, director of sales and marketing for LCS. "They must possess strong consultant/industry relationships, solid technical expertise, a proven record of customer service, and a flair for creating the right market for unique and innovative products. Audio Geer brings all of that and more to our relationship. They have the technical expertise to effectively sell our products to a larger audience and a philosophy of excellence that rivals our own engineering and marketing staffs' outlook."

Audio Geer maintains a relatively large staff of sales people to represent a small number of pro audio manufacturers. LCS will bring the total count to five. "LCS fits in well with what we do," notes Alan Geer, president of Audio Geer. "We're heavily entrenched in the fixed installation market and choose to represent a small but prestigious group of manufacturers. That way, we can concentrate our sales efforts and maximize the potential for our manufacturers."

Their technology is innovative and solves problems that other manufacturers haven't even begun to address,” adds Geer. “They've already built quite a reputation with important designers of Vegas-type shows and high-end theatrical applications, and with the advent of the Variable Room Acoustics System (VRAS), momentum is building in the church and performing arts sectors. I predict a long and fruitful relationship."