Artbeats Software, committed to providing the highest quality still and motion royalty free imagery, recently incorporated Adtec Digital products into its system to support trade show presentations and live concert video mixing.

Artbeats purchased 10 edje Digital Video Players from Adtec that will be used for their coordinated video walls at trade shows, as well as three Soloist 2 Broadcast MPEG2 Players. The Soloists will be integrated into a system for live concert and event video mixing in addition to their use in informational kiosks for Artbeats customers at trade shows.

Adtec’s edje is a hard drive-based digital video player and network appliance developed for integration into global multimedia networks. It facilitates the distribution and playback of dynamic MPEG2 video programs and Bitmap graphics in audiovisual presentations without the use of a PC.

“The edjes are a great solution for us because of their compact design and ease of use,” says Phil Bates, president of Artbeats. “No more bulky and heavy rack mounted devices that take up valuable space and require experienced operators. They’re great!”

Adtec’s Soloist 2 holds a reputation for being the premier decoder for multimedia professionals. It plays studio quality full D1 MPEG at encoded rates up to 15 Mb/s. Along with balanced audio, it delivers crisp video signals to SDI and digital video and RGB, YUV, Y/C and composite analog video outputs.

“The Soloist 2 represents a true technological breakthrough for us,” adds Bates. “With just two of these devices, plus a computer and video mixer, we can edit video on the fly for any kind of concert or event requiring video background or support. Churches have been asking for this kind of solution for a long time and the Soloist 2 enables us to deliver it.”