Two Arri Pocket Par 400W HMI Lighthouse AC/DC 1 Light Kits have been added to the ELS rental inventory.

The pocket Par 400 is used when space is limited and a close up or more difficult look is needed. For general production the strong output of the Pocket Par 400 has the ability to create desired effect, either using the reflector or lighting directly.

The key features of the Arri Pocket Par 400 are its compact size, which makes it easy to place. The light kit's assortment of focusing lenses, scrims, lighthouse with shutter, and a barndoor set, which assist in altering the spread and intensity of the light. The kits included chimera softbox to soften the light output and the two flicker-free electronic ballasts, which offer a choice of either AC or DC power source.

Also as an option with the Pocket Par kit is a custom Lithium battery pack by LibertyPak, Model # 800 LiteBelt. Designed exclusively to meet the particular demands of all high-powered portable lighting, the LibertyPak battery can power a 400W HMI fixture for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. The voltage output is an average 29.4 V putting out 800 W hours. The charge time is approximately 5 hours, and only weighs 12.6 lbs.