Numark, the driving force behind the high-tech musical revolution, and ArKaos, the software provider for audio and video integration into live DJ performance, announced the formation of a strategic partnership at Musikmesse 2006 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Numark and Arkaos have combined forces in an effort to drive the integration of video into both the DJ and audio experience. Together, Numark and Arkaos have created a powerhouse video controller, NuVJ, that invites any DJ (Disc Jockey) to instantly transform into a multimedia VJ (Video Jockey). The software is compatible with a Mac or a PC.

The NuVJ Video Controller is an entirely new product offering that capitalizes on the strengths of both companies and is designed as a video counterpart to a DJ’s existing audio setup.

Numark CEO John E. O’Donnell comments, “Numark has a proven track record of innovation in the DJ market and is always looking for opportunities to further exploit the company’s strengths. By partnering with ArKaos—a leading innovator in the rapidly growing VJ market—I believe both companies have the opportunity to forge new, uncharted territories in a segment of the DJ market that is poised for explosive growth.”

ArKaos’ founder and CEO, Marco Hinic, concurs, “Our products are designed for displaying large visuals at concerts, in clubs, and other venues that cater to music performance. As the integration of sound and picture becomes more closely intertwined in the DJ’s performance arena, we believe the necessity for a dedicated hardware controller is more important than ever. By partnering with Numark, I am confident DJs will find the prospect of adding visuals to their performances easier and more appealing than ever.”

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