During his Greater New York Billy Graham Crusade, Evangelist Rev. Billy Graham’s Ansr Audio AM-58-60 microphone projected his speeches and sermons to the more than 242,000 people (roughly 80,000 people each day) that attended the weekend event held at the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, NY.

Jeff Cowan, contracted by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association for live events audio, rented the microphone from Art Valivieso of Luner’s Pro Audio in Ventura, CA. Cowan was particularly concerned with the capability of Graham’s soft voice being heard across a 56-acre park while competing with the noise of the traffic that surrounded the park and the noise from nearby LaGuardia Airport.

"Many microphones were auditioned in an effort to accomplish maximum gain before feedback and the Ansr mike was hands down the best," explains Cowan. The AM-58-60 is 60" uni-directional hyper-cardioid boom that is part of Ansr Audio’s Solution Series and is designed around a microphone capsule system, integrated mounting suspension, and versatile clamping components. The microphone has a tailored frequency response for typical speech applications and low ambient noise.