Anolis Lighting, a new LED manufacturing and sales company, was launched at ARC 05 at London's Business Design Centre.

Anolis is a collaboration between Robe Show Lighting in the Czech Republic and ULA in Australia and was established to design, manufacture and distribute a top-end range of LED products worldwide. Anolis UK, run by John Saunders, will represent the brand across the UK and Ireland. The new company's launch featured a new range of LED lighting fixtures aimed at applications in architectural, retail, transport, leisure and entertainment markets.

‘Anolis’ - Latin for chameleon – is the brainchild of Robe Show Lighting’s Josef Valchar and ULA’s Con Biviano. They germinated the idea at PLASA 2004, and now, less than six months later, Anolis is the result. “We’ve followed the recent trends in LED lighting closely,” says Valchar. “There’s clearly a real demand despite the existence of strong competition, so we decided that the best solution was to start our own company.”

The first Anolis standard range products are ArcLine LED strips, ArcSource 3, 6, 7 and 12 LED fixtures – all using Luxeon emitters - and the proprietary ArcPower series of controllers. All Anolis fixtures are also compatible with the most popular existing environmental control systems. Custom fixtures can be produced as required.

The manufacturing operation is based in the Czech Republic at Robe’s state-of-the-art 27,000 sq.ft. facility in Roznov. The brand will benefit immediately from Robe’s 14 years’ experience as a moving light manufacturer and its comprehensive supply infrastructure, plus ULA’s 15 year track record as a leading Asia Pacific lighting distributor.

“Anolis is dedicated to making top quality products with the best available components," Biviano says. "New attitudes and a massive growth in interest in architectural lighting, the built environment, and mood lighting across all areas from the home to the workplace, has transformed the lighting industry over the last five years. Anolis will be at the forefront of developing this exciting technology.”