Analog Way, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative image converters, will release at the end of March the new version of its Smart Fade product, a seamless switcher/mixer with improved title and fading effects.

Combination of 3 functions:

Dedicated to high resolution A/V presentations (churches, live events, conference & boardrooms), Smart Fade combines 3 functions: 5 video and 2 computer inputs seamless mixer/switcher, with built-in scaler; enhanced scaler/line multiplier; audio stereo line for each of the 7 inputs.

Seamless mixer/switcher:

5 inputs of Smart Fade are scaled to match the resolution of the computer display (up to 1280 x 1024). It is possible to cut, fade, dissolve and make title effects between a video and computer sources.

Enhanced scaler/line multiplier:

Increase video image resolution and brightness. Provide a film like image. The new version of the product also provides a higher image quality.

Audio Stereo line:

The 7 inputs of the Smart Fade is fitted with an audio stereo line enabling audio to either follow the video image of break away from the video.

About Analog Way:

Founded in 1989, Analog Way is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative image converters with worldwide locations (USA, France and Singapore). The company designs a wide range of computer to video scan converters, scalers, seamless switchers and up/down converters. The products provide the most advanced solutions in the Broadcast, AV, Rental & Staging, Church, Corporate and Industrial markets. For further information, do not hesitate to visit our website at: