Analog Way, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative image converters, today announced the debut of Octo-Fade™, a computer & video A/V Seamless Switcher with outstanding fading & titling effects. Octo-Fade™ completes the actual OCTO range available: Octo-Plus™, computer & video A/V scaler and seamless switcher and Octo-Logo™, High Resolution Logo Inserter and Seamless Switcher. Octo-Fade™ will be available in December 2003.

8x Computer or Video Inputs Scaler--Seamless Switcher with Fading & Titling Effects

Like the other members of the OCTO family, Octo-Fade™ provides high performance capabilities and powerful functionalities. In terms of TITLING EFFECTS, it is now possible to maintain an active title while switching between 2 inputs. The title remains on the screen during the transition. Another feature is the shadow title with settable vertical size and position. Moreover, Octo-Fade™ enables to display a title over a computer & video image. With regards to the FADING EFFECTS, the product features Fade, Dissolve, Black & Cut effects. Octo-Fade™ also allows to adjust the cross-fading duration.

This ultra compact and user friendly device is especially dedicated to High Resolution A/V presentation displays, conference & boardrooms and events.

Other features:

Each of the 8 inputs are fitted with a stereo audio line. The audio can either follow or break away from the video image. One additional full featured microphone input is provided with "anti-pop" filter, noise gate and compressor function. The product enables an ultra-smooth & seamless switching transitions between any scaled video & computer sources.

Also available: Remote control software RS-232, remote keypad and a voice over control for the microphone.

About Analog Way:

Founded in 1989, Analog Way is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative image converters with worldwide locations (USA, France and Singapore). The company designs a wide range of computer to video scan converters, scalers, seamless switchers and up/down converters. The products provide the most advanced solutions in the Broadcast, AV, Rental & Staging, Church, Corporate and Industrial markets. For further information, do not hesitate to visit our website at:

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