The recent acquisition of ATM Fly-Ware by Allen Products Company has provided the opportunity for each brand to maximize its potential without interrupting the existing product lines.

Paul Allen, founder of Allen Products Company, assures that all part numbers will remain the same and that the product lines will remain intact. “This is an opportunity to expand the products and services of these brands, not reduce them,” says Allen.

The newly combined Allen/ATM team saw the opportunity to reorganize their respective product lines by application category to make it easier to discern which brand to use for which installations. “The only difference will be that some of the product lines will switch over to the other brand,” comments Allen.

Since most Allen Products brands relate to the mounting of loudspeakers, the Allen brand will concentrate on mounting products, meaning its rigging related products, such as GridLink, One-Way-Array and Two-Way-Array, will be assigned to the ATM Fly-Ware brand for continuity. Conversely, since most ATM Fly-Ware designs relate to rigging loudspeakers, the ATM brand will focus on rigging solutions, while its mounting products, such as Mount-Ware, Pole-Mounts and Yoke-Mounts will be assigned to the Allen Products brand.

“In addition to the clean separation between mounting and rigging solutions, customers can receive application assistance and place items from both brands on the same purchase order, now that Allen Products and ATM Fly-Ware are under one roof,” says Allen. “Customers that were purchasing from either company before, now have access to products from the other company without setting up a whole new account.”